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External partners

External partners

Holoflux mobilises a broad spectrum of disciplines: microbiology, microbial ecology, mathematics, genetics, genomics and animal, plant or human physiology, and the processing of foods, by-products and waste. Because of this diversity, numerous national and international collaborations are possible.

You don’t belong to an INRAE unit, but the themes of the HOLOFLUX metaprogramme interest you and you would like to collaborate with scientists in INRAE units?

→ You can become involved in a project but you will not be eligible to receive any funding from the metaprogramme.

How to become involved ?

  • If you know scientists in INRAE units, contact them directly and discuss with them the type of project to which you could contribute, while providing your own funding.
  • If you do not know any INRAE scientists but have proposals for collaboration, you can speak directly to the managers of the HOLOFLUX metaprogramme.

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